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What we are Capable of...

RMI Plastics, Inc. has acquired top notch machinery to meet the demands of our customer’s projects. Our processes include CNC Routing, CNC Cutting, Laser Cutting, Edge Finishing, Diamond Edge Finishing, Bonding, Bending, and Flame Polishing.

CNC Routing & Laser Cutting

Our CNC Routing & Laser Cutting Abilities consist of five pieces of machinery that meet our needs in producing high quality and precision units. 

RMI has the following machines to meet our customer's needs:

  • A 5000 Series Multicam Router. With flexibility, multiple spindle configurations, and a large table surface this machine gives RMI the ability to handle larger quantities and small precision on the same machine. The surface area of this machine can handle 80" x 144".
  • A Holz-Her Fox Series CNC Router rounds out RMI’s CNC capabilities with an 8 Position Linear Tool Changer, 10 Position Drill Head, and Infinitely Variable 1,000-18,000 rpm ISO - 30 Spindle, this machine gives RMI a large surface area of 60" x 120" and mass produces large quantities and precision parts.
  • A Standard Router, with up to three consecutive spindle movements, an industrial vacuum system and on the spot dust removal this machine gives RMI the ability to handle mass production of larger quantities and larger precision products. The surface area of this machine is 48" x 96"
  • The Vytek F/X Laser Cutting & Engraving System is a unique system that combines the latest laser technology. With specially designed pass-through feature and software flexibility, this machine can accommodate larger jobs while still being able to produce the smaller jobs efficiently. This machine provides RMI the ability to provide customers with a high tolerance, clean edge finish and greater range of sizes than previous possible.
  • A Universal Laser Cutting & Engraving system that provides precision and smaller capabilities for a high tolerance and clean edge finish.

CNC Saw & Cutting

Finishing & Fabrication

Our CNC Cutting & Saw abilities consist of a top notch computerized machine that can handle larger production runs.

  • Our Holz-Her Cut 85 saw provides the ultimate in cutting precision and value. This fully automatic beam saw features a heavy duty all welded steel frame. The saw carriage travels on THK linear guide ways powered by rack and pinion drives for vibration free, precise cutting. The fully automatic side alignment and cutting length detector minimize cycle times. The programmable automatic pusher with rear clamping devices is mounted on THK guide ways and has a speed of 80 m/min. With a cutting area of 10' x 10' x 85 mm maximum cut height.

RMI has also invested in two Saw Stop table saws to provide safety to our employees and accurate and quality cut to size pieces to our customers.

  • Utilizing the 10" SawStop® Industrial Cabinet Saw on our warehouse floor provides everything needed in a table saw: precision, heavy-duty construction, a dust collection system that’s second-to-none, with the revolutionary safety feature that’s made SawStop famous.

Our Finishing & Fabrication abilities consist of diamond and edge finishing, flame polishing, joining, and solvent polished edges. 

  • The EF-200 Diamond Edge Finisher Machine removes saw marks and produces a clear, polished edge on acrylic parts...all in a single pass through the machine.

Fabrication with solvent bonding of material, drilling, routing, production of high volume units, and close tolerances are where our experience provides satisfaction for our customer's needs.

Ph: 303.292.1687

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